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Internet marketing (advertising and promotion, analytics)

You need to reach the widest possible audience by promoting an idea, product or service We offer small and medium-sized business services for local advertising with the help of Internet marketing! Due to our capabilities you can accurately track statistics (return on investment and conversion of the site), be able to be in relatively constant contact with consumers in any sector (B2B or B2C, and even C2S), instantly receive sales statistics, demand, etc. What are the advantages of traditional marketing methods pr Risks: The application of Internet marketing methods is aimed at saving money (on the salary of sales and advertising staff), as well as on the expansion of companies (transition from a local market to the national and international markets); Internet marketing gives a clear statistical picture of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; In comparison with other types of media marketing (print, radio and television), internet marketing is growing very rapidly, gaining more and more popularity not only in business, but also in ordinary use. those who want to promote their effective website or blog and make money on it; Suitable for any business model (B2B or B2C, and even C2C). The types of online advertising that we offer: Contextual advertising (PPC); Display Advertising ( Social Marketing (Social Promotion – SMM and Optimization – SMO); Direct marketing using email, sms (E-mail and SMS marketing); Video marketing or video advertising; Viral Marketing; Guerrilla Marketing; Internet Brus nding. Other types of promotion on the Internet: Targeting advertising; Internet Reputation Management (SEM); Consulting services; Web analytics; Copywriting.