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Mailings and Email / SMS Marketing

Mailing lists and Email / SMS marketing.

Do you need an email newsletter to increase traffic and increase sales? One of the cheapest ways of mass advertising is just an e-mail newsletter. For a list of services: e-mail newsletters in the legal base. persons physical individuals – common bases: Ukraine, Russia and other countries – from 750 UAH / one-time; e-mail sending to your customers (your base) – 0.07 UAH / letter; e-mail sending on business topics and recipients interests (b2b and b2c) – tourists, investors, freelancers, infobusiness, etc.; e-mail dispatch to cities of Ukraine and Russia (sample in Kiev, etc.); making html-models of any complexity (from 150 UAH); sms-sending – from 0.28 UAH / letter; sending by popular messengers – from 0.25 UAH / letter; push-sending notifications; voice sending (dialing).

Email-mailing on your database e-mail, subscribersPrice 0.07 UAH / letter for a one-time mailing (packet messages from 1 thousand) Newsletter on your email database addresses are UAH 700 for 10,000 subscribers, UAH 3,500 for 50,000, etc. Email mailing on the current legal basis. individuals and nat. persons of Ukraine, RussiaProvided packages: Cost depends on the number of mailings and the number of addressees.

Abuse-resistant hosting for 2 weeks – 250 UAH (when using the link to the site, so that your letters do not fall into spam with a large number of mailings). Mailing occurs during the day. Specify the mailing by region (including legal entities and individuals) by calling the numbers listed above. A selection of cities is possible. The cost of E-mailing the mailing list in the World (Phys / Legal entities) Base Number Email in the database Cost of legal entity in Moscow4.1 million.2300 UAH. Physical Moscow 8.4 million. 2650 UAH. Legal entity of St. Petersburg3.2 million.2300 UAH. Physical St. Petersburg5.3 million. 2650 UAH. Legal entity of Poland650 thousand.2100 UAH. Physical Poland 970 thousand 2300 UAH. Legal entity Germany700 thousand.2100 UAH. Physical of Germany1.4 million.2300 UAH. Legal entity USA7.2 million. 2400 UAH. for 1 million. Physical USA13.5 million.2400 UAH. for 1 million. Specify the cost of mailings to other countries by phone from our managers. E-mailing for more than 10 contacts requires confirmation by a moderator. During business hours (Mon-Fri 9-18 Kyiv time +02 GMT) moderation takes up to half an hour. In the evening and on weekends – 3-5 hours. At night, moderation is not conducted. Our guarantees and benefits: Report (photo, video) on the work done on the number of email addresses and the number of letters delivered. Competitive prices. active work) Weekly update of e-mail databases (unsubscribers, new subscribers) Newsletter – not spam! Each mailing list has the opportunity to unsubscribe from receiving mail correspondence SMS distribution. Mass mailing of SMS messages to the phone or instant messengers Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram Mass mailing of SMS messages to your customers or our base of Ukraine (more than 24 million). Distribution via messengers with audience segmentation and various options (more than 54 million audience). Packages provided: The cost depends on the number of mailings and the number of base phones.

Can be sent to any other country. Prices are discussed individually. Send push notifications (Webpush) from the site for returning visitorsBrowser push notifications for the site, on any device – small pop-up windows. Allows you to inform site visitors about news, sales, order status and other important events. Use notifications to advertise your business for free! Integration and configuration from 200 UAH. Voice mailing – automatic dialing of your base of phones. The mailing list is created fairly quickly. The call center is about 10 times cheaper. Call your base literally in 10 minutes. Used in all types of businesses. There is an opportunity to test. Learn more – specify. Automatic Trigger Email-mail Triggers for automating email marketing. There are many options and scenarios for effective triggered email marketing (returning abandoned baskets, pre-sales, marketing newsletters, etc.). Send trigger messages based on subscriber actions. Use email, SMS and push notifications, follow the statistics! For details, check by phone or request by mail. Posting to Facebook using chat bots Creating chat bots in Facebook Messenger and sending is personalized. Expected implementation …