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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising on Google Adwords and Yandex

DirectContext advertising on Google and Yandex

When ordering from us – we compensate the first advertising expenses (from 30 to 53 $) through the Google Partners cooperation program. The most popular advertising offers on the Internet are contextual advertising, which can be implemented as text and image ads on sites with thematic content, as well as in search engines, exclusively in the form of text advertisements. The main feature of contextual advertising is its display in the thematic content, ie pages with a similar specific ad content or search results on similar key demands. Contextual advertising looks like a text phrase or a message leading to your site. For display of such advertising in the search systems reserved the first and last lines of the issuance, as well as the sidebar. Placing contextual advertising on thematic sites, one cannot confidently say where it will appear, but the advertising area usually has an unobtrusive layout and design. The feature of contextual advertising is displayed only on thematic pages or in the issuance of certain key phrases makes this type of advertising effective. At the same time, tolerantly offering advertised sites, contextual advertising eliminates the appearance of a negative reaction to the advertised brand. In addition to the main goal of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords systems – to get new visitors and customers, contextual advertising will help identify consumer demand for services or products and discover the strengths and weaknesses of the commercial characteristics of a particular site. Such advertising campaigns can be carried out in conjunction with search promotion, complementing it in those search engines that fully and accurately determine the advertised page or website. Contextual advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex DirectPrivate of contextual advertising: in contrast to search engine promotion, which can be done up to six months , campaigns of contextual advertising will require a two-day preparation; payment for advertising is carried out only for visitors who have gone to the site; only interested people come from contextual ads e people, as it is shown only for the target audience; advertising campaign is managed by geographic and temporal parameters, allowing you to narrow down the audience as efficiently as possible. The full cycle of advertising campaigns: A thorough study of the market, competition and the business of the advertised offer allows us to develop an upcoming strategy advertising campaign. Pages referenced by ads are amenable to optimization, and if necessary, new ones are created. Creating new accounts in the system “Yandex.Direct” and “Google AdWords”, followed by customization. Making careful selection of key phrases, optimizing their lists and setting up negative keywords and match types. Creating advertisements with further optimization for getting maximum conversion. Creating text and image ads in the media context system with further optimization, as well as remarketing settings. Analysis of the effectiveness of promotional materials (ads and banners), accounting for analytical indicators of the site and yes ad networks that are taken as a basis for the subsequent campaign optimization. Optimization and systematization work: A / B testing, increasing conversions, lowering rates, optimizing budgets, strengthening RK workers, automatic rules, scripts, KPI

Times and costs

Term for launching a campaign: from 1 of the day

The cost of our services: from 75 $ one-time, or with service fees:

  • 15% with a budget of up to 200$
  • 10% with a budget of from 200 to 1200$
  • 5% with a budget of 1200$