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Social Media Promotion and Advertising, Social Marketing (SMO and SMM)

Promotion and advertising in social media, Social marketing (SMO and SMM)

Promotion and advertising in social media, Social marketing (SMO and SMM) Promotion of a service, product or brand in social media. Creating a reputation, increasing sales. In social media, the business is promoted mainly through SMM and SMO.SMM is translated as social media marketing and is a set of measures aimed at organizing the optimal representation of a commercial company and its activities in social networks. SMO (social media optimization ) – joint measures aimed at attracting users of social networks to the target site. One of the requirements for such an advancement is the need to change the structure of the site in order to increase its convenience and attractiveness for visitors to social services and networks. At the same time, integration tools with networks are used (installation of widgets and social network buttons), as well as advertising campaigns are organized in them. Main stages of promotion in social media Preparation Audience research, competitor analysis, development of recommendations Planning Planning of promotion strategy, selection of tools. Design and creation of accounts. Promotion Filling and moderation of pages in social networks, advertising groups, buying posts Post analytics Analyzing activities, recommendations, corrections With the help of social networks you can and should solve the following business problems: Create and promote a company profile, branded pages and communities. Create and publish content and keep users interested in it. Attract and increase traffic: like, repost, follow and share. Mass and masslayking Crossposting (duplication of posts). To place viral and contextual advertising with targeting. Conduct polls, contests with active involvement of users. Promoting a site in social networks is beneficial if they have an active audience of your business, the attraction of which would be useful in terms of commercial benefit. It is necessary to promote the site in social networks, if its intended audience actively uses these services. The advantages of this method of promotion include increasing the popularization of the brand, services and products, user confidence and loyalty, and increasing sales. With the help of our specialists, we are promoting your business in the paternal segment and the near abroad social networks Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, as well as at forums, blogs, media.FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutubeVkontakteOdnoklassnikiMy MirAsk.fmGoogle + (temporarily unavailable – the network closes) TelegramPeriscopePromotion to FacebookWe conduct a competitive segment analysis then we register the group and draw up its page. The name of the group, the logo and its content is also developed by our specialists. From the group page, we create an online store that sells your products. We also work on the group after its creation: we support the positioning of the business, attract new users, conduct dialogues in the community, organize contests and promotions. In addition to creating and supporting a group on Facebook, we also order targeted advertising on these social networks. Promotion on Instagram Determine a competitive advantage Correctly fill out a content plan profile (supply of posts for a month) Writing a text, a backlash with an audience Attracting a high-quality audience Advertising in public, bloggers, social network stars, and a network of bloggers, social networks. on YoutubeА also more exotic: Foursquare, Linkedin, Periscope, etc.Tweet on TwitterWe create and develop a microblog design, keep it, publish an interesting and attractive New content. We will engage in dialogue with users, attract new subscribers. We organize promotions and contests among subscribers. We redirect potential clients to required websites. Promotion in VKontakte Promotion in OdnoklassnikiTargeting advertising in social networksConfiguring and launching an advertising campaign (by analogy with contextual advertising on Google – pay per click or impressions for potential audience) and improved targeting in social networks, display options, ad format.

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