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Video advertising

Video advertising services

Creating selling videos for your business Creating selling videos for your business Online video advertising is useful for promoting the company’s image / brand, your product or service (especially when entering a new market), providing information to increase sales and attract new audiences. Often, ads are placed on video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, to form a rating, collect reviews, watch full statistics on views, make an assessment of effectiveness, make predictions. Often used in the areas of household, garden equipment. Popular Doodle video (hand-drawn video) – training and consulting, business history, advertising of goods and services. Image video Formation of the company’s reputation: Promos; Interviews with experts; Video reports, Corporate films, etc. Advertising videoDirectly advertising a product or service. Pre-roll advertising is popular (a commercial for 10-15 seconds). Viral video A video of goods and services for distribution on the Internet to speculate on consumer emotions. Did you know that: in Ukraine, 84% of users pay more attention to advertising on YouTube than on TV; 64% of users are looking for products on YouTube; 42% of online shoppers are watching videos before buying. ⠀⠀ Have you implemented video ads for your business yet? customer.detal analysis and segmentation of your target audience. Based on the audience information, we form the structure and script of the video, develop a strategy for advertising campaigns. We produce a studio voiceover of a video clip. We develop an animation that will convey the necessary message. for maximum efficiency. Do you want customers to come to your business systemically? Implement video ads.