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Landing Page Development

Creating sales landing pages (Landing-page) with a conversion of 20-80% for any businessWhat are landing pages needed for? A landing page (LP) is the landing page that the ad link links to. Its features, as a rule, are a logical continuation of promotional offers and the location of visitors to commit active actions (purchase, order, phone call, subscription to the newsletter). The landing-page task can be called the conversion of site visitors into the company’s clients. Creating a landing page assumes its return: in increasing the effectiveness of contextual advertisements with the same budget, in increasing sales in the case of poor design and content of the main site, in increasing the return on advertising promotions, in assessing the effectiveness of Internet sales. Landing page types: MicrositeAdvertising landing page (lead-page) Product Landing or for services Multilending, etc. Prototype. Typical or unique landing design. Imposition. Development for any tasks. Landing pages for any purposeSelling, subscription, informational, viral, differential (informational for stocks – online stores), etc.Why the landing page is more effective than ordinary pages of the site further study of the content of the Internet resource. It is a large amount of irrelevant information of ordinary pages that can distract users from the benefits of your offer. The landing page, at the same time, contains strictly oriented information, urging potential customers to take a certain action. Conversion rates for landing pages are usually within 2-10%, which is significantly higher than conventional pages. Benefits landing-page With small investments, landing pages significantly increase conversion rates. Creating a landing-page is less time consuming than developing a full-featured website. the correspondence of the single pages to the target audience for which they are adjusted. It is very simple to analyze the effectiveness of such pages. A / B testing (split magnet lead magnet, tripwire) to continually improve the pages, improving various metrics. Integration of the sales auto-bucket (the algorithm consists of blocks – Lead-magnet, Tripwire / Tripwire, Main product, Maximizers, Cyclic payments). The possibility of using the technology “Multilending” with dynamic data filling (the LP page will correspond as closely as possible to the potential client’s request — automatic filling in of the title, text, image, links under the request groups). With this, the conversion is increased, the lower the cost per click in the advertising campaign. Conversion of this type of one-page pages is 60-70% higher. Main reasons for the benefits of working with us For each project we create a unique design without using standard templates; Unlike a long-term investment in the landing-page, it generates calls on the 8th day; On any the client’s question can be answered by his personal manager; After creating the landing page, we guarantee a return of 5-12% conversion from it; The page is designed taking into account research, not ready-made instructions; Instead of simply changing the color and blokes we test the landing page for UI hypotheses; We are trying to increase sales, not response or CTR; For the landing-page, new texts are created instead of using ready-made descriptions taken from the client’s site. A good landing page should combine a thoughtful design with the selling text that achieved by the efforts of specialists. These professionals work in our company, which gives us confidence in the implementation of the landing page tasks. Successful results and extensive experience with landing-page allows us to develop and place effective selling pages that we will gladly create for you. Dates and costs Duration: 1-2 weeks Cost of our services: from UAH 3800 / $ 135