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Development of an information portal or news site

Informational site, Internet edition or News portal. Internet portal for the media or newspapers. The information resource contains a large number of external links on a specific topic and allows the user to find data in one place, section. Creating an information site provides an opportunity to summarize selected information in accordance with the requests. Development of an information project makes sense if there is a large amount of information that will be useful to the site user. Creating a single structure. Organization of convenient information management. Promotion. Technical and marketing support. Information resources (news sites) are complex Internet projects. They should be as convenient as possible for visitors and readers. Our agency has been creating news sites since 2009. Completely customized solution to customer requirements. Unique website design. Optimized for high load Design designed either for ease of reading material or for maximum conversion of advertising banners. Most often, we select the best balance between these two components. An effective content management system in which many authors can work. Authors’ accounts with the compilation of automatic reports on the number of written materials. Content reading system. Virtually any required module to the site on request. Guaranteed support for the created resource. The main types of Internet portals: public; corporate; international; regional; vertical (with a narrow and specific subject); horizontal (almost unlimited). Project sections: About company section Advertising blocks Portal development stages: Terms of Reference (TOR) Creating a prototype C Stemes (architecture) Design of all project pages (design layout), coordination Adaptive layout Functional programming Web resource testing, making changes Completion. Placement on the InternetConsultation on the platformSupport and development of the resource Website template: adaptive, typical or individual Website Management System (CMS): WordPress, Drupal, DLE, self-written, etc.
Dates and costs Deadlines: from 4 weeks Development cost: from 14,500 UAH ($ 550).