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Development and creation of an online store

Creating an online store An online store is a business website that allows you to purchase goods through the Internet. This site contains information about the seller, his contact details, auxiliary applications, as well as information about the products themselves, which is set out in detail: characteristics, photos, descriptions, customer reviews, video materials. way and choose the appropriate type of delivery online. Convenience, intuitive interface, non-distracting design and a certain structure play an important role. The popularity of online stores is due to the reduced mark-up on their products due to the lack of expensive rental of premises. The convenience of shopping at home also adds to the field of online shopping prevailing over shopping and supermarkets. The third feature of online stores is the availability of information reviews about their products left by other customers, which are more valuable to potential customers than the recommendations of the store’s representatives. Also, the online store does not put forward the requirements of state structures, representatives of the sanitary epidemiological station, etc. Packages provided:

Description of the phased cooperation1. Coordination of tasks and goals for the development of the site. Filling in the briefing form on the tasks and goals implemented by the future project; conducting an analysis of business competitiveness and advising the client; estimating the preliminary cost, and the timing of the work. Compilation of TZ and coordination of design elements. Coordination of functional features of the site; coordination of design implementations; final assessment of the cost and completion dates of works. The signing of the contract on the conditions of work. (not necessary, as it will reduce the cost) 4. Payment by the customer of 50% prepayment. Development of the project. Installing a suitable or developing a new CMS; Implementing the tasks of the site functionality; website layout and integration with the selected CMS; Conducting the site tests; Preparing and conducting tests of the server hosting the site. Final payment of the remaining 50% of the cost of development.7. Placement of the site and the final testing of its performance on the server. Terms and cost Deadlines: 2-4 weeksPrice of our services: from 5500 UAH / $ 200.