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Development and creation of sites

Creation of turnkey websitesDevelopment and creation of websites. As the majority of potential customers of commercial companies actively use the Internet, it’s quite logical and justifiable to create a global branch of their business, a kind of virtual branch office. because we approach this problem in a complex. If a client wishes, we will responsibly perform all stages of website creation and its promotion. Virtual representation on the Internet performs two functions at once: informative – gives visitors all the necessary information about the company’s services, activities or products; marketing – the website expands the market for goods or services, attracts new partners and strengthens the image of the company. Development and creation of turnkey websites A little about the features of the website development We have a convenient site management A thoughtful interface of the control panel easy editing of content will make your work with the site quick and easy. The separation of rights of managers and many other amenities will save you from routine operations. The great features of the site’s engine. Multi-level menu, an unlimited number of pages and categories, a blog, news, comments, an image slider, a gallery and many other functions. You will not be difficult to make the necessary improvements in the functionality of the script and enjoy the result. The modern design of the template system is based on modern technologies HTML5 CSS3 and jQuery, adaptive and cross-browser websites. Search engine optimization Support for meta tags (including social networks) and Open Graph site map, CNC, micromarking “”, linking, canonical URLs of pages will help you to achieve good results in search engines. High reliability. The site management system (CMS) is protected from SQL injection, XSS and CSRF attacks. Regular backups prevent data loss in case of server failure. Also hosting provides protection against possible DDOS attacks. Speed ​​of workAll requests to the database are optimized, pure html and simple source code, information caching system, all this allows you to load the site instantly. Packages provided:

The main stages in creating the site: Setting goals and objectives of the future site with their subsequent structuring; Discussion of design, as well as the functionality of the resource; Signing the contract (it is not necessary now because it will reduce the cost of development); Site development stage; Providing the finished project to the customer, connecting site and optimization of its work. After developing the site, we do not stop working on it – it may require optimization, content, promotion in search engines, advertising campaigns. Our company can assure its customers in the development of interesting, functional and selling sites that attract the attention of potential customers and partners. Description of the stages of website development The phase of website creation is just the beginning of work on it. A successful site may require refinement and customization to attract users to it. Since advertising campaigns may require certain landing pages on the site and conformity with marketing promotion strategies, some Internet projects may be subject to complete rework. Cooperating with us, clients are insured against such risks. An integrated approach to the site and the advice of our experts on its structure and functionality allows you to establish a connection between the developers of the site and the marketers of its services or products. The main steps to properly create a site can be represented by such tasks: 1. Description, statement and concept of the task.1.1. The collection and analysis of data on the previous work of the site (its condition, web analytics, advertising campaigns), which allows you to set the conditions for creating a new site. 1.2. Collection and analysis of the requirements for the functionality of the site and its appearance. 1.3. Formation of the general structure of the site, drawing up examples of the address relationship between its pages, development of landing pages for their involvement in advertising campaigns. Preparation of a technical task.2.1. Creating a prototype site with a set of related pages.2.2. Work on the description of the prototype with the subsequent preparation of the technical task, which includes both technical and functional requirements for the future Internet project.3. Work on the design of the site. Development of a design concept that includes the visualization of the prototype’s main page and, if necessary, work on additional solutions. 3.2. Discussion of the abstractness of the site elements in relation to their changes.3.3. Creating the remaining pages of the design with the definition of the assumptions of its elements to the pages created on its basis in the layout process.3.4. Creating banners, illustrations, icons. Layout design of the main and additional pages.4.1. Creating a grid for pages with different designs, which defines the moments when a layout is translated into an HTML page: positioning graphical elements as background or standalone images, type of text display, changing the scaling when changing the screen resolution.4.2. Development of sitemap pages, search results and similar non-standard departments of the site.4.3. Writing scripts that highlight images, links and text when you hover or click and solve other similar problems.4.4. Image optimization .4.4. Optimization of the site layout for the main types and versions of browsers.5. Programming the site.5.1. Formation of formal tasks: description of functions and transitions to algorithms and data. 5.2. Translation format html-layout in xsl format engine. 5..3. Development of the structure of the database being created.5.4. Writing back end-scripts for project administration.5.5. Creating database web interface, site content and hosting records.5.6. Writing front-end data visualization scripts.5.7. Testing the site when filling it with content. Filling the site with basic data and content. Filling the site from the existing export files and the database from the previous site version. 6.2. Filling the Customer with materials, and, if necessary, with photoshoot materials, images from photobanks, video footage, panoramas, etc. Warranty and support Creating a representative office in the network is not enough for its effective work. Along with advertising campaigns, the site needs to be maintained and developed with additions of its content with new materials, optimization of its structure, introduction of new functionality. We create high-quality and modern web sites with a 6-month guarantee. Since among the goals of the site there is usually the maintenance of its positive image, we offer our clients our services for its further support and development. Dates and costs Duration: 1-2 weeks, 4 weeks for individuals. Cost of our services: business card site – from UAH 3800 ($ 150), promotional website – from UAH 5,300 ($ 200), corporate website, online store – from UAH 6,500 ($ 250), individual – from UAH 14,500 ($ 550).